----------------------------------------- Guest Rates and Policies -----------------------------------------

Pets Welcome Policy.....

Allowing pets is an experiment for us. At the request of loyal guests who kennel their pets when they stay with us, we have created this pet policy. We anticipate this to be a win-win scenario:

•  Guests can vacation with their beloved pets while respecting our other guests and our premises.

•  Guests who prefer to vacation without pets will find the same impeccably clean and meticuously maintained cottages and surroundings.

•  We expect increased business from satisfied pet owners who respect our other guests and our premises.

We provide a pet care kit for each pet for our guests to use during your stay. Placed in your cottage, each pet care kit includes:

•  Pet treats and toy. (Please keep the treats and toy as a complimentary gift for your pet.)

•  Water dish, food dish, and mat.

•  Spare leash.

•  Pet towels for cleaning and wiping feet.

•  Pet sheets for bed, futon, or chair.

•  Pet waste pickup bags.

•  Pet hair remover roller.

Policy Information:

•  Only well behaved pets are allowed. (Well behaved includes friendly to people, friendly to other pets, house trained, and no excessive barking or howling.)

•  Pets are welcome in #3, #6, and #7.

•  Pets are not allowed in #1, #2, #4, #5, and #8.

•  Guests must notify us in advance when bringing pets.

•  $25 per pet per night. Limit of 2 pets per cottage.

•  Outdoors, pets must be leashed at all times.

•  Indoors and outdoors, pets must not be left unattended.

•  Guests are responsible for picking up after their pets.

•  Cat owners must bring their own kitty litter and litter box.

•  A designated pet waste garbage can is across the road from the inn.

•  Guests are responsible for unintentional damages caused by their pets. Please notify us immediately of any damage.

•  Guests not following the pet policy will be asked to leave.

•  Guests must agree to and sign our pet policy.